The Sunnyside School District Service Desk is the best way to ensure your requests for service are addressed in a timely manner. Use the SSD Service Desk to request assistance from the following departments.

  • A cold or hot classroom.
  • Broken furniture.
  • Electrical issues.
  • A leaking faucet.
  • Etc.

Payroll/Human Resources
  • Payroll changes.
  • Requesting of employee benefits.
  • Credits/Clock hours.
  • Insurance questions.
  • Etc.

  • Field Trips.
  • Reservations for vehicles or buses.
  • Etc.

Computer/Network/Telecommunication Services
  • Issues with a computer or iPad.
  • Phone Issues.
  • Forgotten passwords.
  • PowerSchool Support.
  • Etc.

For technology related issues, calling the Technology Support Line at extension 8411 and leaving a
detailed voicemail message will also create a support request ticket.

For quick answers to your questions, be sure to try our Support Desk Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) search feature.

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